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Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies


Volume 1, Issue 3


New Tylocephalum shindei (Cestoda:Lecanicephalidae) from Rhynchobatus djeddensis at Bhate in Maharashtra, India

Author(s): Lazarus Lanka 1*, Rajshekar Hippargi 2

1. Department of Zoology, Devchand College, Arjunnagar, India.
2. Department of Zoology, Walchand College, Solapur, India.

Abstract: The present paper deals with theĀ  description of new a species, under the genus Tylocephalum Linton, 1890,as Tylocephalum shindei n.sp. ,which is having scolex large, globular, divided into anterior & posterior region having 4 circular suckers. The neck is short & wide; mature segments are longer than broad. Testes are medium in size, round, pre-ovarian, anteriorĀ  to cirrus pouch. Cirrus pouch is large in size, oval, vas deferens is short & thin; ovary is large , quadrangular, bilobed, numerous acini. Vagina is a wide tube, ootype is large, round in shape, post-ovarian; genital pores are regularly alternate, big in size, oval in shape. Uterus is saccular, vitellaria are granular.

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Tylocephalum Shindei

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