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Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies


Volume 1, Issue 3


New Tetragonocephalum sepheni (Cestoda:Lecanicephalidae) From Trygon sephen At Ratnagiri In Maharashtra, India

Author(s): Lazarus Lanka 1*, Rajshekar Hippargi 2, Patil S.R 3

1. Department of Zoology, Devchand College, Arjunnagar, India.
2. Department of Zoology, Walchand College, Solapur, India.
3. Principal, Chikali College, Chikali, India.

Abstract: The present paper deals with the description of a new species, under the genus Tetragonocephalum , Shipley et Hornell, 1905,as Tetragonocephalum sepheni n.sp. which is having scolex divided into two regions anterior & posterior. Anterior region is quadrangular  & posterior region is oval having suckers. Short  neck & cylindrical shape. Mature  segments  longer than broad. Testes are  oval to round & are pre-ovarian distributed in two fields. The cirrus pouch is oval in shape & it is thin ciliated. The genital pore is marginal. Ovary is large, compact & it is in the form of ‘U’ shape. The vagina is slight curved, ootype is small, oval in shape; receptaculum seminilis is present. The gravid segment, uterus is large saccular & occupied by numerous eggs;  vitellaria are granular corticular, thin strips.

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Tetragonocephalum Sepheni

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