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Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies


Volume 1, Issue 4


Efficacy of Certain Insecticides on the Population of Chilli Bug, Elasmomia granulipes Ww. (Hemiptera- Coreidae) in Manipur

Author(s): M. Kumar 2 and O. Lukhoi Singh 1
1. Department of Zoology,Nambol L.Sanoi College, Nambol, Manipur-795134, India
2. Assistant Professor, N. Birahari College, Khundrakpam-795114 Manipur, India

Abstract: Elasmomia granulipesWw.has been found to be a serious pest on chillis-Capsicum annum L and C. frutesuns L in Manipur. Efficacy of seven insecticides against it, the application of   Dimethoate (0.04) and Endosulfan (0.07) on the crop plant during 2011 and 2012 revealed more effective in minimizing the population of the insect pest. Further, it has been observed that the insecticides do not affect the bio-control agents. As a result of the treatment with these insecticides, the highest yield of crop had been recorded from the treated plot with Dimethoate (0.04) and Endosulfan (0.07) whereas Neem oil fresh and   phosalone (0.04%) affected insect population at minimum resulting less yield of crops.

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