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Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies


Volume 1, Issue 5


Studies on Gonadosomatic Index & Stages of Gonadal Development of Striped piggy fish, Pomadasys stridens (Forsskal, 1775) (Family; Pomadasyidae) of Karachi Coast, Pakistan

Author(s): Amtyaz 1, M. Atiqullah Khan 2, M. Zaheer Khan 3, M. Usman Ali Hashmi 4
1. Dept. of Zoology, Sir Syed Govt. Girls College NazimAbad, Karachi-74600, Pakistan.
2. Dept. of Zoology, University of Karachi, 75270, Pakistan.
3. Dept. of Zoology, University of Karachi, 75270, Pakistan.
4. Dept. of Zoology, Dehli Govt. Science College, Hussainabad, Karachi, Pakistan.

Abstract: Gonadosomatic index value in males during September – March were 4.463 to 6.160, while in females the high values during September – February were found to be 3.289 to 9.124, which suggested the spawning period. The highest GSI value in males were 5.792 in stage VI and the lowest GSI value were 1.020 recorded during VII stage. GSI values in male increased slowly reaching to maximum in 5.792 in stage VI and then drastically dropped to 1.020 in stage VII, while in females at high value was 6.363 during stage VI and the lowest GSI values were 1.125 and 1.124 during stages I & II respectively. Seven stages of gonadal development were observed in male and female fish. Pomadasys stridens is a bentho-pelagic fish, found at depth of 30-68m. The results will increase our knowledge of reproductive biology of Pomadasys stridens which is relevant for fisheries and aquaculture management as well as breeding programmes.

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