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Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies


Volume 1, Issue 5


Necrobiont Coleoptera North-West Caucasus

Author(s): Sergey Viktorovich Pushkin 1
1. North Caucasian Federal University, chair of botany, zoology and general biology; 355009 Russia.

Abstract: The complex necrobionts of the alpine girdle of Northwest Caucasus is described ecologically. The specific composition of groups is circumscribed. The legitimacies of creation necrobionts of the complex from a type of a landscape and taxonomic of an accessory of a corpse are detected. Studying of regional features ­of formation necrobionts complexes has, both scientific, and practical ­interest. Throughout 20 years we studied fauna and ecological features necrobiont Coleoptera mountain landscapes of Northwest Caucasus and ­adjoining areas of Ciscaucasia.

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