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Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies


Volume 1, Issue 5


Management of pulse beetle, Callosobruchus maculatus (F) population by nitrogen based modified atmosphere

Author(s): J. P. Ingabire 1, A. Hategekimana 1*, K. Bhuvaneswari 2, S. Mohan1, S. Ganapathy 2
1. Department of Agricultural Entomology, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore - 641 003, India.
2. Post Harvest and Technology Centre, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore - 641 003, India.

Abstract: Callosobruchus maculatus (F) is a direct pest affecting stored green gram causing quantitative and qualitative loss. While other management methods have different side effects on the environment and human health there is a need of ecofriendly methods to manage the pests. Manipulation of the composition of the atmosphere to control stored product insects has a promising future. Studies were conducted to determine the effectiveness of nitrogen based modified atmosphere on C. maculatus population. The experiment consisted of two factors viz., Oxygen concentration (21, 14, 11, 8, 5 and 2% O2 with remaining percentage being Nitrogen) and exposure period (3, 5 and 7 days), designed in Factorial Completely Randomized Design (FCRD) with 18 treatments and replicated 3 times. The results showed that insect mortality increased by decreasing the O2 concentration or by extending the exposure period to low O2. In addition adult population decreased drastically with decrease in O2 concentration.

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