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Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies


Volume 1, Issue 5


Trypanosomiasis in Red Sokoto and West African Dwarf Goats at Ikpa Abattoir, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria

Author(s): Anyaegbunam Lucy Chinyere, Okafor Obioma Juliet
1. Department of Biological Sciences, Anambra State University Uli, Nigeria.
2. Department of Biological Sciences, Anambra State University Uli, Nigeria.

Abstract: Goat serves as a major investment to most homes in Nigeria, mainly for provision of animal protein and income. The output of this animal is disturbed by Tsetse infestation which is the primary vector of Trypanosome. A survey of Trypanosomiasis of goat in Ikpa abattoir Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria was carried out between September and October 2010. This was aimed at determining the species of Trypanosome prevalent in the area and their infection rates among breeds of goat. 106 goats were sampled, among which 15(14.1%) were positive for Trypanosome infection. The infection rates among the goat breeds were; Sokoto red (10.4%) and West African Dwarf Goat (50.0%). The species of Trypanosome encountered were Trypanosoma vivax(66.7%) and Trypanosoma brucei (33.3%). In the infection by sex, this was common among female goats in the various breeds examined and this stood as follows; 9.4% in Sokoto red and 4.7% in West African Dwarf goat. Considering the overall infection rate of Trypanosome in the breeds of goat in the study area, this was relatively high when compared with similar results in related areas; chemo prophylactic and insect control measures should be put in place to rescue the area.

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