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Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies


Volume 2, Issue 1


Evaluation of various captive spaces for The rearing of the teak defoliator (Hyblaea puera)

Author(s): Dr. Bindu K. Jose, Dr. V. V. Sudheendrakumar and Dr. T. V. Sajeev

Abstract: For the selection of the suitable substratum for rearing the teak defoliators (Hyblaea puera Cramer), a major pest of teak  in artificial medium, different containers (Plastic tubes, Plastic wire Mesh (15 x 7 cm), Glass bottles (20 x 10 cm), Petri plate (4.5 cm radius), Petri plate and plastic tubes) with varying number of insects was experimented. Control batch of insects were maintained on teak (natural host) leaves. Among the tested containeres the combination of Petri plate (for 1st and 2nd larval instars) and rearing tube (for 3rd, 4th and 5th  instars) gave good results (69.99 %  survival) and was comparable with the control batch of insects (76.66 percnt survival) on tender teak leaves. The suitable number of first and second instar insects in Petri plate was 30 with a survival rate of 67.98 %. Single insect rearing seems to be good for third, fourth and fifth instars in plastic tubes with 75.05 % age of larval survival.

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