Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies


Volume 2, Issue 2


The role of agricultural and public health insecticides in the development of the multi-resistance in An. gambiae in Tiassalé and Toumodi (Côte d’Ivoire)

Author(s): Senan SORO, Valerie Kouame HGAZA, Ako Victorien Constant EDI, Mouhamadou ChOUAIBOU, Guibehi Binjamin KOUDOU, Daouda DAO, Bassirou BONFOH

Abstract: Recent studies have shown high level of insecticide resistance in Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes to almost all insecticide used in public health in Tiassalé. The selective pressures responsible for this resistance are not clearly identified. To highlight common practices which could have contributed to the emergence of resistance, a study was conducted in Tiassalé and Toumodi. A questionnaire was submitted to assess the history of insecticides used. The results of the descriptive analyses showed a high use of agricultural and public health insecticides in these cities with 97 % of users among the population. Pyrethroids appeared to be the most used insecticides in both public health and agriculture with a higher rate of usage in agriculture than in public health. The definition of measures of “good agricultural practices” ultimately to reduce the risk of cross insecticide resistance emergence should be undertaking.

Map of study zone

Fig : Map of study zone.

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