Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies


Volume 2, Issue 4


First Record of Two Australian Species: One under Metapenaeopsis and Another under Metapenaeus from Indian Water, Their Diagnosis and Distribution

Author(s): Angsuman Chanda

Abstract: Genus Metapenaeopsis was created by Bouvier (1905) with M. pubescens as type from Cape Verde Islands. Wood-Mason (1891) was the first to record this genus from Indian water as Metapenaeus.  George (1979) listed 9 species under Metapenaeopsis and 11 species under Metapenaeus from Indian coastal water. Subsequently Fischer & Bianchi (1983) and Radhakrishnan et al. (2012) added another species viz., Metapenaeopsis toloensis Hall, 1962 and Metapenaeopsis novaeguineae (Haswell, 1879) respectively to this list. In the present study Metapenaeopsis palmensis (Haswell, 1879) and Metapenaeus eboracensis Dall, 1957 have been recorded for the first time from India. Till now 12 species each belonging to these two genera have been reported from Indian water.

Fig 1: Female thelycum of Metapenaeopsis palmensis

Fig: Female thelycum of Metapenaeopsis palmensis

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