Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies


Volume 2, Issue 5


Role of an Ex-situ conservation site in sustaining the biodiversity of urban bird population

Author(s): Kezia Kuruvilla

Abstract: Significant loss of natural habitats in urban areas has increased the emphasis upon the capacity of zoos and parks in contributing towards the conservation of biodiversity of native fauna. This study identifies the role of ex-situ conservation sites in providing the essential requirements and habitat for the native birds of the area, in addition to their primary role in protecting and supporting the exhibited animals. A total of 37 species of birds belonging to 26 families under 13 orders were identified in the area. Among the diverse orders represented in the study site, Passeriformes topped the position with 10 families, followed by Coraciiformes with three families. Correlation studies between canopy cover and bird population showed high positive correlation, whereas in the case of visitor density and bird population it showed a negative correlation. Percentage occurrence showed Passeriformes to be the most dominant order. The study area showed a Shannon Weiner index of 3.03 and a corresponding effective number of species of 20.69. This was found to be higher than the corresponding value of a nearby verdant site in the same city.

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