Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies


Volume 2, Issue 5

Insect predators of mosquitoes of rice fields: portrayal of indirect interactions with alternative prey

Author(s): Malini Kundu, Dipendra Sharma, Shreya Brahma, Soujita Pramanik, Goutam K Saha, Gautam Aditya

Abstract: The present commentary highlights the likelihood of indirect interactions in rice fields and allied wetlands using the water bugs, odonate larvae and dytiscid beetles as insect predators of mosquito. The biomass and linkage density of the species were used as input to construct the network and estimate the opportunity of intraguild predation (IGP) and apparent competition (AC). It was evident that IGP increased as a function of insect predator body weight (r= + 0.907; P < 0. 05), while an increase in prey biomass decreased its involvement in AC (r = - 0.864; P < 0.05). The interaction between mosquito prey and the predators appears to be affected by the biomass and composition of the species assemblage. Assuming chances of IGP and AC, positive preference for mosquito by the insect predators seems to be an important criterion for effective biological control.


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