Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies


Volume 2, Issue 5

Study on faunal diversity of butterflies in Triveni Mahadev

(Himachal Pradesh)

Author(s): Pawan Kumar and Shweta Thakur

Abstract: In this study butterflies were used as a means of assessing biodiversity restoration at Triveni Mahadev area. Butterflies were used as indicator species because of their high sensitivity in ecosystem alteration. The study was done in three different areas, namely the dam site, diversion site and power house sites. Butterfly sweep nets and Butterfly traps baited were used for capturing butterflies. Besides, monitoring was also an indicator about the trend being followed by insects group as a whole. The diversity of butterflies was lowest at diversion site during monsoon season and highest during post monsoon season at power house site. In this study butterflies were used in assessing hydroelectric project sites recommended for aesthetic, education purposes and further studies on organisms. Biodiversity index of butterfly species has been updated from different hydroelectric project sites. The statistical data of seasonal abundance and diversity index of butterfly species have been discussed.


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