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Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies
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Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies

2018, Vol. 6, Issue 1
A review on parasitic castration in veterinary parasitology

S Sivajothi and B Sudhakara Reddy

Internal and external parasites are the most common organisms present in the different animals including humans. Some of the parasites are specific to individual species while others may be transmissible to humans as zoonotic in nature. Impairment of the health condition of the animals leads to huge economic loss interns of productivity and reproduction. Parasitic diseases in livestock can be controlled by geographical location, type of host and their manage mental practices. Conventional methods of controlling parasites use synthetic chemotherapeutic drugs. In a safe manner, control of the animal parasites can be done by the biological control which means maintenance of natural enemies which maintain a parasitic population at the lower level. Recently, parasitic castration has a role in the control of the parasitic diseases. In this, with help of different parasites, reproduction of the other parasites which are harmful to the animals can be reduced. This would be a case of direct parasitic castration by feeding on gonads of the hosts or indirectly, diverting the host energy from gonad development. Reproductive status and the body condition of the animals influenced by the different external and internal factors. Among the different factors temperature, photoperiod, availability of the food and space, individual animal habitat, predation behaviour and close association with other organisms such as parasites which causes parasitic castration. One of the recent technique but, ignored by most of the population and community ecologist is parasitic castration. The present paper discussed the important role of parasites in the parasitic castration and importance in veterinary science in bri.
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S Sivajothi, B Sudhakara Reddy. A review on parasitic castration in veterinary parasitology. J Entomol Zool Stud 2018;6(1):635-639.
Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies
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