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Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies
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Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies

2020, Vol. 8, Special Issue 2
S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
Efficacy of Azolla pinnata as an adjunct to increase poultry weight, egg production and egg weight
Poonam Soren and Praveen Kumar
pages: 42-45  |  159 views  5 downloads
Effect of feeding Moringa oleifera leaf powder on haemato-biochemical profile of growing female black bengal goat under intensive system of management
Manmohan Kumar, Nirmala Minj, Sushil Prasad, Ravindra Kumar, Rajesh Kumar and Himanshu Kumar Himkar
pages: 46-48  |  21 views  9 downloads
Efficacy of Centella asiatica (Beng Saag) on hemato-biochemical and oxidative stress due to gastro enteritis in pups
Lovelin Shweta Xaxa and Praveen Kumar
pages: 49-54  |  167 views  5 downloads
Influence of herbal mixture, exogenous enzymes and butyric acid supplementation on nutrient digestibility, carcass characteristics and economics of broiler chickens
DK Chaudhari, Sachin Gautam, VK Singh, Ruma Devi, KD Singh, SP Singh, S Tewari and S Rao
pages: 55-59  |  157 views  8 downloads
Changes in hematological and biochemical parameters in different genetic grades of pigs
HK Himkar, SK Singh, Manmohan Kumar and Nirmala Minj
pages: 60-61  |  153 views  4 downloads
Impact of blue and green monochromatic light in comparison to white LED on the stress reaction and mortality rate of broiler chickens
P Gautam, PS Pramanik, KD Singh, MK Verma, S Gautam, AK Verma, VN Gupta and B Singh
pages: 62-64  |  172 views  6 downloads
Effect of feeding Moringa oleifera leaf powder on reproductive traits and egg quality parameters of japanese quail under deep- litter system of management
Nirmala Minj, Manmohan Kumar, Sushil Prasad, Ravindra Kumar, Rajesh Kumar, Himanshu Kumar Himkar and Nishant Patel
pages: 65-67  |  156 views  6 downloads
Effect of Moringa oleifera aqueous leaf extract and ascorbic acid supplementation on carcass characteristic and production cost analysis of broiler chicken
Rakesh Kumar, Kaushalendra Kumar, Ajit Kumr, SK Prasad, B Bhushan Kumar and Pallavi Sinha
pages: 68-70  |  156 views  5 downloads
Influence of Magmeal supplementation on haematological parameters in Japanese quails
Smruti Smita Mohapatra, G Suganya, V Leela and Bhaskaran Ravi Latha
pages: 71-74  |  200 views  11 downloads
Study of follicular population with relation to different seasons in sheep ovaries
Sudhir Kumar, Utsav Sharma, Anil Kumar Pandey, Sharad Kumar and Dinesh Kumar Dwivedi
pages: 75-76  |  162 views  8 downloads
Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies
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