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Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies


Volume 1, Issue 2


Standardized sampling protocol for spider community assessment in the Neotropical rainforest

Author(s): Vedel Vincent* & Lalagüe Hadrien
Laboratoire d'entomologie Entobios, 5 Bis rue François Thomas, 97310 Kourou, Guyane Française.

Abstract: We described, here, a standardized protocol to collect the maximum number of spiders per unit of effort from the different strata of a tropical forestry habitat. This would allow quantifying the richness of a site and would allow spatial and temporal comparisons between sites. This protocol was tested and applied in a pilot study at four sites representing three different forestry habitats of the natural reserve of La Trinité (French Guiana). Results showed every feeding guild was well represented and most of the 30 families found are represented by several individuals. Indices of species richness, number of singletons, species richness estimators from the accumulation curves and diversity and similarity indices were also calculated and all indicated that La Trinité is a rich and diverse site for spiders. The standardized protocol showed here its efficiency and its wide cover of micro-habitats and is, therefore, recommended for any impact assessment or diversity of spider study in tropical forestry environment.

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