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Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies
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Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies

2018, Vol. 6, Issue 4
S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
Enteric methane mitigation and improved animal performance by feeding rumen modifier
Neeti Lakhani, DN Kamra, Preeti Lakhani, Anju Kala, Vandana Yadav, Aamrapali Bhimte and Banakar PS
pages: 01-04  |  1646 views  405 downloads
Effect of varying levels of enzyme supplementation with high levels of paddy replacing maize on the performance and economics of broiler production
Rahul Sharma, RPS Baghel, Shivangi Sharma, Ramesh Kumar Mishra, Sunil Nayak and Vandana Yadav
pages: 05-09  |  1370 views  208 downloads
Effect of strategic nutrient supplementation on performance of lactating buffaloes in Katni district of Madhya Pradesh
Ramesh Kumar Mishra, RPS Baghel, Rahul Sharma, Shivangi Sharma, Pawan Sirothiya and S Nayak
pages: 10-14  |  1218 views  169 downloads
Nucleotide base variations in aligned sequences of ΑS1, ΑS2, Β and K-casein gene along with regression study of different milk composition traits in Malvi, Nimari, Sahiwal and HF crossbred cows
Akhilesh Pandey and MS Thakur
pages: 15-19  |  1201 views  138 downloads
Association of Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid and White) Chitwood with wilt complex disease of betelvine (Piper betle L.)
Divya Bharathi AR, Benagi VI and Ravikumar MR
pages: 20-23  |  1220 views  155 downloads
Impact of date of sowing on lepidopteran insect pest of black gram, Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper
NK Berani, MP Damor and PH Godhani
pages: 24-26  |  1365 views  226 downloads
Volatile profiling and bio-efficacy of Citrus hystrix fruit peel as a seed protectant against Callosobruchus maculatus
Harshani HS and Karunaratne MMSC
pages: 27-31  |  1230 views  131 downloads
Sri Lanka
First evaluation of the structure and the entomological biodiversity of the Maâmora forest and the Merja of Fouarat (Kenitra, Morocco)
N Zouaki, H Ouattar, M Slim and M Fadli
pages: 32-37  |  1215 views  126 downloads
Effect of non-genetic factors on semen quality in bulls: A review
Maneesh Kumar Ahirwar, MA Kataktalware, Kotresh Prasad, Ravi Prakash Pal, Deepandita Barman, Mayur Thul and Naval Rawat
pages: 38-45  |  1585 views  359 downloads
Aging-physiological interpretation and adaptation to stressors
Aamrapali Bhimte, Nipuna Thakur, Neeti Lakhani, Vandana Yadav, Anjali Khare, Dinesh Kumar, Huidrom Lakshmi Devi, Preeti Lakhani, L. Kipjen Singh and Adesh Kumar
pages: 46-50  |  1233 views  129 downloads

Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies

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Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies
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